My Development Process

Every web project is unique. Before you start developing your website, you need a plan. Web Designer / Developers use a web design process or procedure to guide them through all of the steps necessary to build a site. My web design process consists of the following steps: Discover, Design, Development and Deployment.

Magnifying Glass


Plan the project by working closely with the client.

  • Meet with the client to understand their business and challenges.
  • Establish goals, requirements, budget and timeframe.
  • Create a project charter document that summarizes the entire project.
Writing Pad With Pen


Create a visual design that satisfies the client's goals and make it an enjoyable experience for the visitor.

  • Map out the pages and sections of the site.
  • Draw a rough sketch or wireframe of the site.
  • Create a Style Tile that defines key elements like colors, fonts and buttons.
  • Design mockups for the main pages.
  • Work with the client to write a rough draft of content for the web pages.
Code Listing


Develop the best solution and customize the site to meet the client's needs.

  • Build the basic website with a CMS or custom code.
  • Customize the site.
  • Populate the site with content finalized and provided by the client.
  • Test the site. Fix any issues or problems with the site.
Deployment to Web


Launch the website.

  • Transfer the website to client's hosting server.
  • Train the client on how to manage the site.
  • Meet with client to make certain that everything has been completed.